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Message from Takeshi Nijou

I had to take over my father’s business soon after college and I served for 16 years as the CEO. Looking back, I thought about who taught me business and who inspired me? Not business consultants or teachers.

My mentors who taught me how to walk safely in a jungle called business management were like me?young CEOs who had recently taken over a family business or CEOs who had managed a family business for some years.

We encouraged each other and learned business management together.

?What if I can help people who cannot find a solution for their business succession?
?What if I can provide practical management knowledge and skills?
?What if I can create a place where business successors can interact?

With these questions in mind, I started the International Business Successor Forum Management School.

Learn, discuss, and be confident!

If you are considering your son or daughter as your business successor, you must be wise and determine beforehand how you want to do this succession.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your situation.

International Successor Forum Co., Ltd.
CEO Takeshi Nijou

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Business Contents

Our educational programs facilitate hands-on management skills.

  • Seminars
    Our workshop-style seminars provide the knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately in the real world.
  • Lectures
    Takeshi Nijou tells you what he has learned from his successes and failures over 16 years.

Group study that improves human skills We provide opportunities for business successors to learn from each other.
Various training programs for employees and executives are also available, so that they can better support their CEOs.

Individual consulting about the issue of succession We listen to your issues carefully and design custom solutions for your business and circumstances.

Business Contents

  1. Educational Support
    (Lectures, seminars, online learning, publications)
  2. Psychological Support
    (Individual consultations)
  3. Business Consultation
    (Legal, tax, and other services provided by certified professionals)
  4. Next Generation Education
    (Educational support for young people who will become successors)
  5. Other activities

International Successor Forum Co., Ltd.
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